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Civitavecchia Port

Rome Cruise Terminal is the main terminal for cruise lines in Civitavecchia Port and Rome. If you start a cruise in the Mediterranean, you should always be through terminal RCT. From here, you can reach the pier for cruise embarkation and debark as, thanks to shuttle service.

Get to Rome

Cruise Terminal from outside Civitavecchia port

It can be easily reached from the train station of Civitavecchia with the local bus. Service Center stop Argo “Largo Della Pace” (also known as Porta di Citta’). From here you can reach the pier where takes place a loading/unloading of ships cruise through shuttle service. Civitavecchia’s train station is about 1 km from the port, which can also be reached on foot. If you are driving, we recommend that you enter the Harbour, Park in one of the three available parking and take the ferry from there to the harbor. If you use chauffeur service in Civitavecchia then you should not worry about how or from which direction you have use simple just tell your chauffeur the details of your cruise and he will take you there. Have already booked the Civitavecchia chauffeur service ? You can book a reliable chauffer now

How to get to the terminal if in RCT

How to get to the pier?
The cruise terminal in Rome is situated in the port of Civitavecchia, can be easily reached with a Taxi.

Take the pedestrian exit Varco Vespucci (it is next to the main entrance to motor vehicles) and you will get there in less than 500 meters. You can also leave Livorno’s door. In this case, walking along the beach, with the sea on your left, you find yourself facing an RCT in 20 minutes approx. How arriving or departing from Civitavecchia with private transfers

It’s not the cheapest option, but surely arriving or leaving the port of Civitavecchia with private transfers is the most convenient solution, easier and safer, if you go to Rome, but especially if you have to go to Rome to catch a flight in time.

In this case, our advice is to book a collection is enabled (or delivery) drivers on Your cruise ship. We’re here to help you.

Four possible ways in and out of Rome

There are two main “Center” out of Rome for tourists: Civitavecchia Harbour and Fiumicino airport …

The port of Civitavecchia known as one of the largest port in the Mediterranean region linking Italy to Italy and Rome. Fiumicino Airport, on the other hand, is one of the largest airports in Italy and detected the highest number of international flights in and out.

So, in summary, the simple facts show that Civitavecchia and Fiumicino are the most direct way in and out of Rome … This is why it might be interesting to find out that in and out of Rome there are actually four ways from which to select. Read below a brief summary: