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Private Transfer

Rome is a great city, and traffic can be a pain now and then especially when moving from Rome airport to the port of Civitavecchia to Civitavecchia or Florence, Naples and Pompei.

The transportation industry is not what it used to be. Current transportation has become easier and more efficient with the introduction of a private transportation service. You will be amazed with various transport services available that offer luxury transportation services. However, Roma Travel Tour give you the best of choices from our wide range of packages to suit your transport needs. You can choose SHORE EXCURSION, ROME CITY TOUR, CIAMPINO AIRPORT (CIA) TRANSFER, FIUMICINO AIRPORT (FCO) TRANSFER, SHUTTLE TRANSFERS, WEDDING, MEETING, CONVENTION LIMO TRANSPORT or CIVITAVECCHIA PORT LIMO TRANSFER and stay out of the trouble.

Get the best experience from your trip to this historic city and its neighboring requires you to have the best partner in the transportation service like Roma Travel Tour.

The choice of leading transportation partners require that you perform due diligence and identify factors that put the company at the top of the standings. Without a thorough investigation, only to end up choosing a bad company. Yes, the choice of services in Rome can be hard, but that doesn’t mean you should vote for poor quality service.

Roma Travel Tour is an Italian based company that cares for your privacy. We offer private airport transfers to and from the airports of Rome, Fiumicino , Ciampino and Civitavecchia Port. Our customers satisfaction is our pleasure that’s why we serve our clients with brand new cars and multilingual drivers. Always you will find our drivers waiting for you at the meeting point. You can contact us by phone whenever you need us quickly. After booking your private limo transfer you can change a new destination as you wish, just inform us. Your privacy is our concern.

Our job is to transport you and we are happy if you will feel free and comfortable with our services.

Civitavecchia Excursion

If your ship dock in Civitavecchia Port, then you’re in the right place. Is the good chance for discovering Civitavecchia Port shore excursions and make your holiday the memorable one

Once drop off from your cruise ship you will find our driver and car to expect a few meters. The satisfaction of our customers is very important for this reason we have selected local English speaking drivers. Will be at your disposal for the whole tour, they can give you a brief description of main attractions. We offer different day excursions for your first time in the eternal city, or you decide where and how to spend the time. Also our driver is happy to costumize your short holiday in Rome, proposing alternative routes that only years of experience can give.

This kind of service is suitable for everyone, but especially for families with children and seniors who prefer to walk a little. Your driver will always leave a few meters from place to visit, you will always be in visual contact or alternatively will be given a phone in free loan to make your holiday as flexible as possible

For all cruise passengers who instead have already visited Rome, we are pleased to offer landscapes of medieval villages, surrounded by greenery, like Bracciano, Ceri and Anguillara with a spectacular lake that frames. Enjoy an excellent lunch in the Castle Orsini Odescalchi built in 1470 and discover its treasures strolling through the gardens until you get to its secret rooms.

Find now the solution that suits you and make your Italian vacation unforgettable.

Are Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia to Rome is right for you?

There are several factors you may need to consider before You can really decide that the shore is a great way to enjoy the many historic sites of this ancient Roman city. Typically, the tour is suitable for all types of passengers. You don’t have to walk a great distance, and there are only a few stairs to climb. This is ideal for parents, who may already be suffering from painful joints and feet. The shore from Civitavecchia to Rome is also friendly to people with wheelchairs, though it might be advisable to have someone who can guide them because they have to walk a few steps. After all, there are only limited wheelchair lifts on wheels road trip.

If you are not sure if the trip the coast from Civitavecchia to Rome is right for you, you can always ask for more information from a travel agent. For sure they will be happy to provide you with the data you need. It can also detect if a tour is a family-oriented or good for kids by simply looking out for the family icon or logo. You can be on their website or in their brochures. Children under 11 are likely to have teens and adults at lower rates.

Shore excursions Civitavecchia Port

Shore excursions the best way to experience and appreciate the eternal city in a limited time. It can include private transportation from the ship to any destination.

A voyage towards Rome requires you to be as comfortable as possible. You can’t afford to interrupt your bad clothes. In addition, make sure that you wear the most comfortable and durable footwear you walk, Sun hats, water bottles, and the enthusiasm and the convenience of travel will be absolutely perfect.

Rome City Tour

As one of the most visited places and beautiful in the whole of Italy, it is not surprising that many people flying in Ciampino Airport convenient. Transfer from the airport will take you directly to the heart of the city in a short time, allowing you more time to explore.

When you get to Rome is easy to become overwhelmed by the vast history and culture of different cities. This is a cultural animal and better to approach the first time to plan what you want to see and where it – if not, you can be happy while wandering the streets of old, but didn’t really get to see everything I wanted. But if that happens, just stop by the Trevi Fountain, and flip a coin and, according to legend, will someday.

Rome’s history dates back to its founding by Romulus and Remus in 753. C., but no archaeological evidence from inhabitants of the region dating back to 14000. Once you reach the city’s Ciampino Airport transfer, settled in, then plan on hand, go out and explore! Two icons are a definite must see in Rome was the Pantheon and Spain steps.

The Pantheon

Commissioned by Marcus Agrippa in the reign of Augustus, the Pantheon was built as a tribute to all the gods of Rome. Built around 27 BC you can even go through a Pantheon in transfer Ciampino airport in the heart of the city. Its circular portico with columns of large granite facade is clear and reflects the grandeur of the god’s serve. The lobby connects the foyer in the Pantheon, with its reinforced concrete dome and open to the sky and hidden core elements. The dome itself is a feat of engineering and keep folding in the concrete dome in the world.

The original pantheon was destroyed on several occasions, but always to rise like the phoenix from the ruins and has been rebuilt; It has been almost continuously since its construction. When the building was consecrated as a church in the early medieval period, it was spared from the devastation that could be addressed otherwise. As it stands, roof terrace, some of the bronze statues and a pair of columns have been the worst of the losses suffered by the Pantheon.

The Spanish steps

Rome (also called eternal city) is the perfect destination for your holiday. Enjoy your Rome city tour, just sit back inside our luxurious vehicle and see the magical atmosphere of Colosseum, Trevi fountain or Spanish steps with English speaking driver or guide.

We offer Rome city tour with exclusive Limousine or shuttle for all the family. We arrange sightseeing for you or you can decide for yourself when and where our driver stops.

Known in Italy as the Scalinata Della Trinita Dei Monti, Spain steps are steps that most famous of Italy, if not the world. On his travels to the city via transfer Ciampino airport, look for the monumental step of 135. They cause the Embassy Bourbon Trinita Dei Monti Church and the Piazza di Spagna and the Holy see in Palazzo Monaldeschi-so you have to walk back in order to truly appreciate. The steps originally started with a design competition in 1717; Over the years they have recovered significantly, most recently in 1995. When you climb the stairs you’ll be on one of the seven hills of Rome, and you can stop and visit the House where Keats lived to culture even more through this beautiful city.

Ciampino Airport (CIA)

Rome, like many European cities, experiencing road traffic problems. Ciampino airport was opened in 1916 and built only about seven miles from the city center, ideally placed and used widely. However, in the early sixties, the airport was unable to handle the tremendous growth in air travel and the new airport Fiumicino (formally known as Leonardo Da Vinci Airport) was built approximately 21 kilometers outside the city. The new airport is rapidly becoming the main gate of the capital city, Ciampino airport is used primarily for private aircraft.

But things have changed again! Mass tourism as cheap flights has grown in the last few years of the twentieth century, the survival of Ciampino airport evaluated. Unlike some of the older airport in the city center, some expansion done and enhanced capacity to have an increasing number of charter flights and low cost.

Ciampino airport (CIA) is much smaller than the orther airport and therefore much more limited transfer options. However, the fact that came from the early days of aviation means it’s closer to the city center. That fact alone makes it very popular with tourists, such as transfer to Ciampino airport is usually very quickly and easy. So today it experiencing something of a revival, since Ciampino Airport is close to the town today transfer from and to Ciampino Airport is booming so fast.

The description of the airport places worldwide could be highly controversial and very confusing when you book a vacation to the destination you’ve never been before. The good news is that when you book a Ciampino airport transferwith Roma Travel Tour you will always have nothing to worry about.

Amazingly, the Ciampino airport is just seven miles from the city center of Rome and the airport perimeter is practically walking along the ring road of the city. This and the comfort of our limo shuttle service makes your transfers from Ciampino airport to hotel in Rome city easier.

Fiumicino Airport (FCO)

The largest airport serving around Rome Fiumicino Airport is the most common for people entering and leaving when they visit the capital’s airport, Italy. Formerly known as Leonardo da Vinci Airport, transfers to and from the city center is easy and convenient, and only 35 km from downtown Rome. The great airport has a large number of flights to destinations in hundreds of cities in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Fiumicino airport was officially opened in 1961, the site’s small Ciampino Airport it replaced as the main airport of the capital. Rome Ciampino is still running, although currently only commonly used for domestic operations and low cost. This new site originally opened with two runways and the third added later in the Decade (after a big investment from Alitalia). Although the official opening to the public was not until 1961, it was actually used last year to help relieve the heavy air traffic during the Olympic Games in Rome that summer.

When you book a transfer from Fiumicino to Rome with us our friendly drivers will provide tips to make your travel easier and more enjoyable, with information about the city, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, sight seeing places etc.

Fiumicino airport is the largest not only in Rome but in whole Italy and the sixth largest airport in Europe. In 2016, 43.785.469 visitors passed through the terminal and the number continues to grow (Adr traffic). With the additional security measures when applied at the airport today is probably that the average tourist will have a good time waiting for their flights or some transfer to Fiumicino airport. However, the time spent at the airport here are certainly not a waste because of boutiques, restaurants, and services available for you while you wait. And for those who already booked the transfer with us will not have to wait around but we will wait for their arrival before they land at the arrival tarminal in the airport.

Roma Travel Tour services include Fiumicino airport transfer, a variety of local tours, night, travel long distances or other visits, all with English-speaking drivers if needed. Our Limo Vehicles includs sedan cars, stretch limousines and minivans, which are all equipped with air conditioning and full permission to travel through the Centre of Rome.

Shuttle Transfer

Are you planning to visit Rome with your friends or family? You do not have to worry about your transfer from airport or from Civitavecchia port, stay cool Roma Travel Tour will be happy to service your transportation needs, with our shuttle service we transport upto 8 persons at once. Our van are fully equipped with air conditioning and we have local authorization to work in all the airports and port. Mercedes, Renault, Opel are our brand, price is per car not per persons. You have a reliable airport transfer with us to and from Fiumicino airport, Ciampino airport and also Civitavecchia port. This is your smart solution.

You can also enjoy with our shore excursions or Rome city tour from Civitavecchia port or Fiumicino and Ciampino airport with more space inside the shuttle for your family and friends. We will pick up or dropp off in front of your airport terminal or cruise ship.

Special Occasions

Do not hesitate to contact Roma Travel Tour for your most important day of your life, or for an important convention. Roma Travel Tour can customize your perfect day of car rental with driver. Our fleet is synonymous with reliability and safety

When you arrive at your destination with a luxurious limo is the first step for success. Our professional drivers will accompany you all day with punctuality and no stress situation.

We are more than happy to help you in making that special day more special with our beautiful limo

Civitavecchia Port

Rome Cruise Terminal is the main terminal for cruise lines in Civitavecchia Port and Rome. If you start a cruise in the Mediterranean, you should always be through terminal RCT. From here, you can reach the pier for cruise embarkation and debark as, thanks to shuttle service.

Get to Rome

Cruise Terminal from outside Civitavecchia port

It can be easily reached from the train station of Civitavecchia with the local bus. Service Center stop Argo “Largo Della Pace” (also known as Porta di Citta’). From here you can reach the pier where takes place a loading/unloading of ships cruise through shuttle service. Civitavecchia’s train station is about 1 km from the port, which can also be reached on foot. If you are driving, we recommend that you enter the Harbour, Park in one of the three available parking and take the ferry from there to the harbor. If you use chauffeur service in Civitavecchia then you should not worry about how or from which direction you have use simple just tell your chauffeur the details of your cruise and he will take you there. Have already booked the Civitavecchia chauffeur service ? You can book a reliable chauffer now

How to get to the terminal if in RCT

How to get to the pier?
The cruise terminal in Rome is situated in the port of Civitavecchia, can be easily reached with a Taxi.

Take the pedestrian exit Varco Vespucci (it is next to the main entrance to motor vehicles) and you will get there in less than 500 meters. You can also leave Livorno’s door. In this case, walking along the beach, with the sea on your left, you find yourself facing an RCT in 20 minutes approx. How arriving or departing from Civitavecchia with private transfers

It’s not the cheapest option, but surely arriving or leaving the port of Civitavecchia with private transfers is the most convenient solution, easier and safer, if you go to Rome, but especially if you have to go to Rome to catch a flight in time.

In this case, our advice is to book a collection is enabled (or delivery) drivers on Your cruise ship. We’re here to help you.

Four possible ways in and out of Rome

There are two main “Center” out of Rome for tourists: Civitavecchia Harbour and Fiumicino airport …

The port of Civitavecchia known as one of the largest port in the Mediterranean region linking Italy to Italy and Rome. Fiumicino Airport, on the other hand, is one of the largest airports in Italy and detected the highest number of international flights in and out.

So, in summary, the simple facts show that Civitavecchia and Fiumicino are the most direct way in and out of Rome … This is why it might be interesting to find out that in and out of Rome there are actually four ways from which to select. Read below a brief summary: